Save your Planet
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Save your Planet

The planet we live on is a beautiful abode rich with natural beauty and ample resources. The nature gives us everything we need - air, water, light, land without which our life would be impossible. While we get so much from our planet Earth, what do we give back to our planet Earth. Do we really care for our Earth? Global warming is warning us to rethink how we treat the nature and our Mother Earth. There is a lot our planet endures may it be widespread pollution, human population explosion leading to ceaseless demand on limited earthly resources, unkindness to animals leading to extinctions and ecological imbalances, deforestation, industrialisation leading to excessive carbon emissions and the list goes on. If we are not mindful of what we are doing to the nature and its habitants, we will soon see the adverse consequences of our oblivious acts. We are leaving behind an abode full of air, water and noise pollution. Let’s Wake Up before it’s too late. We today hear about natural calamities affecting lives across the planet. What are we going to do to protect and save our planet?

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