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Shaping our Successors

We all know that our next generation will carry the beacon of human existence. The new generation will shape the future, so we need to enlighten, encourage and empower them to realise their potentials, develop a sense of identity and purpose, understand the importance of goal setting, build self-esteem and confidence, tactically deal with challenges, realise the opportunities and hone their skills for a better and brighter future ahead. We need to understand them and their needs. We need to guide them and instil good values in them. We need to love and appreciate them so that they learn to be compassionate. We, adults, play various roles as parents, teachers, carers, coaches, mentors to shape the lives of our next generation. Our next generation needs Role Models who can inspire them to lead a better and brighter live ahead. What role do you play in shaping the future of our next generation?

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